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Bartelli Vacuum Food Sealer Valve System For use with any bag or foods original packaging

Bartelli Vacuum Food Sealer Valve System For use with any bag or foods original packaging

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Bartelli Vacuum Food Sealer System Are you tired of wasting food that's gone bad before you've been able to use it? The Bartelli Vacuum Food Sealer kit can solve your problem in seconds, while helping you cook Sous-vide like a chef. Cut down on your grocery bills with our easy food saver

This reusable vacuum sealer makes food storage a cinch. Seal meat, vegetables, snacks, cereal, and fruit to keep them fresh longer. When you store food in the freezer, vacuum seal the bag to prevent freezer burn. By using this food saver vacuum sealer, you can keep food fresh longer, save leftovers for future meals, and freeze foods without waste. Sealing your food also preserves taste, leading to more satisfying meals.

Cook healthy like a chef in your own home

Sous-vide cooking, a revolutionary technique used by countless top gourmet chefs, ensures even cooking without damaging the cells of the food. By immersing vacuum-sealed food in hot water to cook, meats stay moist and tender, vegetables stay crisp, and tough outsides with semi-cooked insides are a thing of the past. Pair our Bartelli vacuum sealer with an Anova cooker for hassle free sous-vide cooking.

Seal food easily and quickly without additional expense.

The Bartelli Vacuum Food Sealer kit includes everything that you need to get started sealing your food. The kit is reusable, and best of all you can use ANY plastic bag, including Ziploc bags. Never buy expensive replacement supplies again. The vacuum sealer features easy to use battery-free operation.

To seal your food, simply click the valve on to any bag. Seal the bag by locking a seal across the top. Next, attach the pump to the valve, and use the manual pump to vacuum out the air. The bag is now vacuum sealed and the food within will be better preserved.

Revolutionize your food storage and cooking techniques with the Bartelli Vacuum Food Sealer kit.

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